The ladies of AGP

"Life is about having fun and enjoying family!  I love what I do" ~Amanda :-)

"I'm Kayla, Amanda's assistant (and "Right-Hand-Chick"!)  My position allows me to set the scene for you at AGP. I am dedicated to the clients, making sure we deliver excellent portraits & services.  I have a wonderful passion for Graphic Design.  Luckily, that helps me help you! Designing collages, albums, wall portraits and client relations are a few of the many "hats" that I throw on at AGP! Happy clients mean a Happy Kayla... And a SUPER Happy 'Manda! I have two younger sisters and have definitely helped coordinate an outfit or two.  This comes in handy during our clothing consultations with you prior to your session!  I have a passion for children, animals, art and here at AGP I get a little of it all! On another personal note, my husband and I just had our first child, and we can't wait to get our "Manda Pics!"

Zoey Rose and Beau are our office partners!  They both give us lots of laughs, joy, and breaks that we need from day to day... we could never leave our four-legged-babies off the team! Many of you got to meet my first baby, Bella Rose, and although she has gone to "doggie heaven" there is not a day that I don't think of her!