Session Basics

There are so many different details that go into creating that PERFECT session! 

During your pre-session/clothing consulation, Kayla or Amanda will discuss those details! In the meantime, please read through AGP's Session Basics!

What To Expect

Start off your fun frenzy with these great pointers!

  • Have FUN! - There is NO such thing as too much fun! Especially, when it comes to nothing other than your family!
  • Be RELAXED! - If you have ever seen our studio, galleries, or been around town to see our art displayed, you probably thought "Man, that family looks good!" -- Or you wouldn't be on our site!-- Chances are, they were relaxed and comfortable. That's the key, just relax!
  • Session Consultation - Yes, we call you and talk about your session and what you are wanting out of your portraits! If you are looking for that over-the-fireplace art piece, now is the time to tell us! We will help guide you to comfortable, stylish clothing that will compliment you, your family and your home!
  • PREPARE!! - Properly preparing for your session is almost as important as the session itself!

What Should I Wear? 

It is so very important to choose clothing that compliments you as well as the other colors in your portrait. Since this can go in so many different directions, we can start off with what NOT to wear.  

  • Distractions - Collars and HUGE bows can really be a distraction in your portrait.  There is clothing that works for all shapes, sizes & ages.  Keep in mind, that if little Miss Priss has a bow on as big as her head, we PROMISE, you'll see the bow before your precious baby in the portraits.  Collars for little ones tend to fold up and cover those adorable faces in the early months, as little bit can't sit up yet!
  • Be Comfy! - If you are self-concious in your new outfit, you will see it in your portraits!  Keep comfortable fabrics and "happy clothes" in mind.  No one wants to have a portrait of themselves pulling down a short dress or adjusting a pesky top.  Same goes for bows & hats! If your child does not like "toppers", they will constantly be pulling them during the session!  
  • Keep it Simple! - Lots of layers on Miss Priss can take away from her in the portraits!  Keep it simple with a diaper cover!  Those outfits will be perfect for your session later this year.
  • Bright Accessories - It may look fabulous for girls night out, but it won't in your portraits!  Don’t wear bright shoes and bright bulky jewelry with dark clothes!  Because, all you will see is bright punches of color.  Remember, you wear the accesories--They don't wear you.
  • Lots of Patterns - On a solid background with one or maybe two kids, patterns are acceptable and can be adorable.  However, when we are photographing a large group, it can become VERY distracting!  Simple clothing better draws your attention!

Where should we photograph?

We love to photograph outside and would love to chat with you about your ideas. Many clients request we photograph at their home or at a location that has special meaning to them. If you just want to go outside, but don’t know where …. We can suggest some amazing locations for you--Perhaps, here at AGP!  Remember, we are located on acres and acres that are beyond perfect for your casual or formal portraits! What gets better than that?!

Who do I bring?

We recommend that only those being photographed come to the sessions and maybe an extra set of hands if you really need them! Just remember, with young children we find other people (siblings, adults, friends, etc.) can really distract a child in the session.

However, we do understand that new babies--especially to new mommies-- sometimes need an extra set of hands. By all means, BRING THEM!