Family Sessions

YAY!!-- YOU have finally decided to get a Professional Photographer to photograph your family!! It is obvious that you value your family as well as custom art and understand the importance of this priceless decision!  I am delighted that you have chosen us! Now that you have made this important decision, what do you do next? Have a plan!!! Let us help you make that happen!

When you come to AGP, you are immediately apart of our Family. We do NOT believe in rushing your session so be sure to allow at least 11/2-2 hours-- chances are you won't need that entire time, but we want you to be prepared!   You need to plan the time of your photo session carefully & make it a time when you won’t be rushed. Your children will need to be fed and more importantly well rested!  Wear comfortable clothing that looks good on you!  In addition, this is NOT the time to try that new hairstyle that you have been looking at in a magazine for months!  Your accessories should be minimal so they don't take away from your portraits!  Yes-- you will need to iron your clothes -- those wrinkles do not look good in your portrait!  

We have many portrait location ideas, but we welcome your suggestions and actually love to travel to unique areas. We will be happy to talk with you about your session destination ideas!  I always think it is best to choose a location that means something to you.  If you have something special in mind for your session, please let us know. 

At AGP we truly believe a fabulous session is a great collaboration between our clients and the studio. Once again remember a great session takes time! We do not rush so tired, hungry kids, uncomfortable clothing choices and multiple changes on location are all going to cut down on the amount of time everyone is happy and smiling for photos!! Have a plan and keep it simple! 

 1. Make a flexible plan  
Plans are great to have, but don't set the bar too high!  If little bit likes to make funny faces, be mentally prepared to accept the funny faces in some of your portraits! Kids will be kids, Mom! Keep in mind, your family session is about the MOMENT! We often hear.."He never acts like this!" or my personal favorite, "She never cries!"  Our motto here is "It is what it is on the day that it is". Remember, children have bad days just like we do! This will take a little bit of the pressure off and help everyone relax and just enjoy the time together as a family. The perfect family photo may not necessarily be the one you envision. Open your mind, relax, have fun & the photos will reflect a lovely memory of time spent together. If you are relaxed, your children will be, too.

 2. Involve the whole family 
Ok, that might sound funny, after all it is a Family Portrait!  Therefore, inviting everyone's input (especially children's) as far as clothing choices, poses and other ideas makes it a fun experience for the whole family which in turn creates a fun memory! Let each family member take a turn arranging the family how they'd like to see them photographed. Watch out! This could get a little silly. :) When children are given some creative control and allowed to share their input, they are so much more cooperative when it comes to taking photos!  After all-- it is their photo session, too :-) 

3. Don't Settle!
SO you have been planning your outdoor session for weeks -- then -- on the day of your session it decides to come a downpour or lighting is not working in our favor -- Or -- you wake up and the kids and hubby are sick and you have been up all night playing nurse -- the best thing to do is Reschedule!!  We are flexible and believe in waiting for that gorgeous God-given light and if you are not well, it will show in the pictures -- GUARANTEED !