Baby's First Year

She’s Precious! He’s Perfect!

You want to photograph your baby's every moment.  I believe that professional photos are an amazing addition to remembering these "Ohhhh-my-goodness!" moments. 

Why YOU SHOULD Hire A Professional Photographer? In this digital era, everyone has an "Aunt Susie or an Uncle Fred" who thinks they are a "photographer"!  But when you hire a True Professional Photographer, you are hiring someone who has more than a nice camera with all the bells and whistles.  You are investing in an experience with a photographer who knows how to make clients look fabulous--who knows how to capture your kids sweet and funny moments--who knows how to use lighting and technical skills to pull together one awesome, artistic portrait.  This is so much more than putting a camera on automatic and hoping for the best!  If you don't want the BEST -- then by all means -- Call Aunt Susie or Uncle Fred :-)

Do we offer your portraits on CD?  YES we do! However, we know our moms are super busy and most do not have the time to edit and crop and print their portraits which is why our clients choose us!  We are a Professional Studio and we offer Professional Services.  After you have met a minimum investment, we can tell you how to get your portraits on a CD.  We give all executive & commercial portraits on a CD! 


MATERNITY -- The beauty of a mommy to be is completely PRICELESS (Just like all your portraits!) NOW is the perfect time to photograph that precious bump if you haven't already!  AGP offers complete children programs which include FREE MATERNITY SESSIONS! Yes, that means by joining a one year program, you have no session fee to photograph that pretty belly! These sessions are amazing and completely customized to you! Maternity sessions are a great addition to your album--celebrating the life of your new baby, from beginning to, another beginning!

NEWBORN Whenever you are comfortable with us photographing your new little blessing-- CALL US-- We are ready!!  We have lots of cute ideas and nothing makes us happier than to see a new little face in our studio!

3-4 MONTHS You’ve had a newborn session, now what? Your baby is changing by the day! You want to make sure you don’t miss anything right? At 3 months, your baby is now smiling! Yep, they know who you are! Babies at this age will smile and interact a lot. This is something they did not do as a newborn. Some babies will also be able to have some tummy time. When positioned on a pillow or Amanda's favorite photography prop, the amazing Boppy, a 3-4 month old will be able to place their head up and perhaps peak a smile just long enough for that quick capture! If you are finding that your baby is within this age group and is not yet ready for belly time, which is perfectly fine, wait, YES WAIT, until these shots are possible!

6 MONTHS -- About this age, there is another milestone, your baby will be grabbing for toys, laughing, and even sitting up! This is a great age and one of my favorite to photograph. If your baby is not sitting up, wait a few weeks until that is possible. Please know that sitting up with a parent's help and balancing does count! Personality begins to come out at this age!  Bring some clothing, hats, bows, shoes, bow-ties & tu-tu's to compliment that precious personality! If your child may need more time, don't worry!  Every baby does their own thing on their own time!  Call us to talk about your 6 Month session!

One year and forever more -- Crawling, standing with help or even walking. Teeth! It’s all here by now. This is a milestone for sure! Never fear if your baby is not walking yet -- you will want to get their portraits done at 1 year! Some clients will wait just a couple weeks after their birthday because they know for sure they may be walking. Again, it is up to you. Celebrating your baby’s first year is for both of you! You have been with your little one now for 1 year and can’t imagine life any different. It is time to capture another fantastic moment in your baby's life and yours too!!

Special Needs Children hold a special place in our hearts here at AGP.  Amanda photographs her aunt, Ruthie, every year.  Ruthie has Down-Syndrome and is an absolute joy to photograph!  Also, Kayla's dream is to own a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Facility where she can help special needs children throught the heart of a horse!  We welcome all children of all shapes, sizes & needs. Don't hesitate for a second to bring them in!

I wish there was a way I could capture all of these milestones in a plan just for me....

Guess what??  YOU CAN !!  AGP has a Once Upon a Child plan just for YOU!!. We are here to help you capture all of your child's precious moments in one affordable plan and you can read all about it under our section about pricing!